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What Everyone Should Know

Whether in the home or in the workplace, electrical safety should be a concern for everyone. Safety related work practices are employed to prevent electric shock or other injuries resulting from either direct or indirect electrical contact when work is performed near or on equipment or circuits which are or may be energized. It is the aim of this training program to give you basic knowledge when working with electricity.

How do I take this course?

Taking this course is straight forward.

  • First, download the Student Book once registered from this page.
  • Second, go through the online training completing lessons, topics and answering short quizzes. Clicking the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of each Lesson Topic will move you to the next lesson or topic. You can go back to any previous topic or lesson by following the course navigation on the top of the lesson.

After completing all lessons, topics and quizzes, the final step is to successfully complete the Final Test. This test only becomes available once all Lessons and Topics have been marked complete.